Welcome to the homepage of the Tees Valley Table Soccer Club.

The club is affiliated to the NETFA Brigantes club.

We are a group of players from the Teesside area but our games and events are not limited to the area, nor are we a set group of players. Anyone can join in with us as all the games are Friendlies, there is no league format or cup competition to worry about.

Our players meet, usually in groups of three, to play games where they take on the identity of a top European club team. We have created a league with 4 divisions of 8 teams who will play each other once in a league program. There will be promotion and relegation to keep things interesting and even demotion out of the league and the introduction of new teams. This is all for a bit of fun!

Players will get points for the games that they play, 3 for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a defeat. These will be displayed in a regular league type table but with the addition of an INDEX score. This will be the total points earned divided by the games played and players will be ranked on this INDEX rather than points amassed.

All players start in a provisional table but once they have played 10 games they move onto the full table.

Because we work in this way, players can join in by playing 1 game or 50 games and we will not be limited to the local players, anyone can join in! The only restriction is that in each session of games, at least one player must be from the original Tees Valley TFC players. Before each game, the players must decide either which team they are representing, or do a simple coin toss to determine the home side. Results should then be submitted with the home player first and I will allocate the results to the specific match. Matches MUST be played in the order on the fixture list.

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